bonfire house


spread out in the deep end

when i’m free to breathe in

the pool’s beer breath

a marlboro 27 bobs by

and if i ever touch down

there’s green glass on the bottom

so tread water


pedro’s rolling up the resin

and an orange ball is glowing

all the girls but one

complain about the taste

he fails to blow a smokering

and the magic 8 ball says

the fates say yes


there is green grass round

the corner store at

the camelot apartments

there are gonna be people

at the house show

turn like 3 left turns till elm circle

left is law


on a brown couch

two blonde girls sat

up very straight

and very close

touching bare legs,

brown eyes smiling,

rarely speaking –

two twin sphinxes –

so Rill & Rill

sat. one loaded

an elephant-

shaped, glass hash pipe

(the one with the


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