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Hard Problem

A time like next-now

I’m having had thoughts

(Feels so completely

∃!ach microangle

Will make smooth spheroids

(Yet I can’t touch suns))

What un-sun burnting

Then-now-next in mind

Ignites my lamp? Will

Light out of gray grime

Into hot muscle:

Turning, churning, blue:

I passed a Star Test:

An Exemplary

Think-thought of some sun

In my clean darkroom

(Crimson, I can see

New pictures (Oh, I

Captured this nice piece?

(Is this shadow mine?)))

Source: Hard Problem


onions ⊙ planets ⊙ real estate prices ⊙  cells solar systems eggs ⊙

cities mandalas stadiums colosseum

dartboards bug lamps the campfire

hurricanes snail shells atoms avocados

spotlight  big star center of attention

a coherent argument a central idea a pithy thesis

a real good bar

halo meaning soul

like ⊙ god ⊙ like ⊙

(the point ())