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the vuln

the research chemical hit
the group and left us doing
lines of moth wing dust
off the rim of the clawfoot tub
left us holding eye contact
dangerously long spans of time
left us on thin black-and-white tile
to fail at teasing out intentions
from our four little retinae
that twitched and jerked neon
tracers across the evening air
and when our bodies and brains
decided the other posed a threat
we smiled our apologies and
curled in like anemones
frightened of touch


In this afterlife
Where you buried me
The sun never quite
Rises over the trees
The birdsong’s all backwards
And animals are not shy

This oblivion is yours
So it has your style
(Mostly bare, that is,
Due to your atheism)

Through an interdimensional
Limn I can observe you
Laughing. Can you see my
Ghostly face across your
Mind’s eye where I lie
In this forgetful place?

Under the soft
Unfurling ferns
Where fireflies float by
And stars drift slowly
From the weeping sky
I wait like a violin

Here, I can still die
In this afterlife
You have fashioned for me
So I haunt up the memory
Of me by placing stones
In circles


How long have I chewed herbs,
Trying to forget you?

What was once a music inside me
Is now only my heartbeat

Your face ripples –
A reflection on the Lethe

The arpeggio of your laughter
Looped like a wormhole in my memory

How many suns did I reject
After dreaming of you?

What was once a heartbeat inside me
Is now only a muscle contracting

Your face is an amalgam
Of other portraits now

The decrescendo of your sigh
Cut in half like an earthworm in my memory

How many moons will I pocket
Trying to white you out?



you were pulling
a wasp’s sting out of my back
after our fight
you were playing doctor
and i was patient

the wasp was scared
and i could feel you pulling
the hot sting out of the wasp, too
kissing the reddened skin
and saying gently, “don’t jerk”

and i could feel the release
of a thousand and one
wasp stings pulled from the frightened world
by your sad fingers
and tired eyes



In order to have a complete nature
Full of all experiences
God needed to sin
To count it among His powers

So he made you and me
To commit our adulteries
Mature creations doing what God wished
Yet not what He ordered

Because All comes from God
God birthed Himself to forgive Himself
Which is all theological longhand
For this:

I have already forgiven myself
After the fashion of The
Being Who Needed to Know
Just like you, another piece of God, have done



i’m going to need you
on a specific date in your far future
but the distance will stretch its arms
and yawn
as if my electromagnetic pulse
disabled communication systems
the city turned quickly country
the wind, the stars, the quiet sound
of dead batteries and black phones
resonating like a wood house
painted actually black
i’m going to need a living car to reach you
i’m going to need to tell you
the old words