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when the virus and i get lost in my house
of mirrors no attention and small memory
peep holes
the sky lies
me back down for the fungi
to bungy a few thousand years
but my carbon gets around like karma
and i’m eventually young
walking on old streets pretending
oh i’m borges in buenos
aires on some actual night
one century in november
buying cigarettes and
turning wine into fire
before the endless museums
and libraries
the mirrors and smell memories
when ixora grew in the house
but i wasn’t home to know it


or redream your face

in water’s indecisive surface

fills obsidian vase

set centrally of wooden table

painted cracking white


to lick your teeth again

and tip turmoil over

and bow to blindness

tasting orange instead

either of those hot air balloons



am i ivy?

were veins of you

ever antonyms –

did we even see

each other’s hands?


gasping and dancing

sweat of forest air

beads on spider threads

melting aviaries of mercury


frozen of viridian

uncontained sky bleeds out

in stranger’s memory


Small view I live my world through:
This cut-crazy luxometry, so plosive:
Twenty-eight you’s and me’s crash:

Wring colors into it: They’ll marry:
The same Patterns, same Matrices:
Their view I live my world through:

Light trapped alive in a wire cobweb:
Rectangles trapped in a well:
The same: I catch my views in the world:

Either/or cyclones, I wring with my hands:
Now you’re twenty-eighths: Colors collapse:
My small world of patterns and wires


Underneath the black walls of light
My star man, the female aspect
I left behind: enwombed in time:
Yang hides its yin inside of him
Here’s where we never have to choose
Between below and all above
Inside my yoursoul: two-sided:
A safe space for those gods to talk
More and more his old dark pulls me
Toward that crush in the center
Where if I wake she’s standing on
The ceiling looking up at me