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God keeps talkin’ shit, Callin’ me out by name, Reminding me I’ve been made, In my own image, And she ain’t to blame. Her hands are clean Of my conscience, Even when she moves in, To slap my mouth silent, The sin-stain stays with me. I can’t wipe away the tears, Pooling […]

via My own mistake — Post-Neology

Origin Story

Be screamed the Lord
What cut the dark
Its thoughts’ knots
Pottered Its esophagus a
Dumb yawning sarcophagus
(Them living tomb
Warm unseen cancers)
Infiniplite in the way
A well vomits brack-
Black waters forth or
Hot rotten birth rings
Worm these diseases
Even before designing teeth
And greed the Lord
Bored the nightness
Clawed for Its image
And tore in the walls
Of the abyss to feel
Its fingernails smart
All in that horrid gasm
Of pandolorous grief
Complete pain brought life as
If pain were older
Than God

Logical Truths

Paradox of Material Implication

If I were to love you then you’d love me. Or is it the other way around?


If only I loved you.
If only you loved me.
If you loved me, I’d love you.
You’ll love me only if I love you.

Excluded Middle

What if it were not the case that I either love you or don’t?
Of course, I love you.
I either do or don’t.
Now a contradiction: for how could it be – while not being the case –
that I either love you or I don’t love you? It couldn’t.
I either love you, or I don’t.

Berceuse (juvenilia, 2011)

Will you keep vigil, steady sentry
Guard me from wandering
Check my somnambulism?

Immobile, she will steal me
Twitching and shuddering
To Lethe, quiet, petrifying

Promise me, convince me
That you know Nyx is no
Poet-guide, no companion

Already your eyes see the far places
We will pace away this devil’s hour
Together, wary, weary

Hold fast and do not
Go to that river
Dreamer of dreams

The dark is eating our lamp
Hold my hand, sentinel
But if yours weren’t paraffin