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Scrying her nine million microscopes,
Mind drunk on laniakoscopy, she
Plucks with lust a loom of golden leylines
Harplike to focus the nlimnite crystal
At her one Gargantua Particle

Bestowed on the angels each, like their gnames,
The Particle: a corpuscle of God:
She enstashed that hraw monad in her mind
Working an eviternity till now
To coeurprehend its weird architecture

Crystal, keys, chi-glyphs each in syzygy –
Sophia wrings a splash of ylem from an
Ygg tree growing in her laboratory –
Crazy apples cooling on the timepane:
A wicker basket of black holes for snacks

The sounds of Yes om slow and molten from
Her intricate instruments – unichords –
For now is the wowly kairos! she sings
And tipping accidentally, her cup
Dispills its psychedelicacies. “O!”

Dripsy daisy the liquid seeps in deep
Drench-and-drowning her only particle
Oiling over those glittering leylines
With the quality of oh no. The Oo
Eximploded and Sophia with it

What God Can Do

God may laugh
& cry
at the very same time

It can learn
& forget
then remember at once

God may fly
& dive
as two people as one

And has names
& nicknames
even making some up

God can reach
& teach
the world how to punish

It can kill
& redeem
or can God not do what now

God may die
& reincarnate
as all of us over time

And has lived
& relived
your life at least twice

God may extinguish
& rekindle
all-that-can-be whenever

It is free
& determined
when It reads Its own future

And can exist
& not exist
or can God not do what now

God can be
& not be
or can God not do what now


i cannot remember living
a day that poured too slow
through the unwindow

when god made me
did it require effort or
are ten billion-million souls
the product of no effort

i can remember white powdered
nightskies when your eyes eclipsed
over like two lunar events

when a god has made me for living
her life wraps up in a couple of lines

i can’t remember small cells
like a god of daylight cares
or thinks tirelessly of what
can soon become manifest

maybe god just waves
his big, old hand and does it