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Logical Truths

Paradox of Material Implication

If I were to love you then you’d love me. Or is it the other way around?


If only I loved you.
If only you loved me.
If you loved me, I’d love you.
You’ll love me only if I love you.

Excluded Middle

What if it were not the case that I either love you or don’t?
Of course, I love you.
I either do or don’t.
Now a contradiction: for how could it be – while not being the case –
that I either love you or I don’t love you? It couldn’t.
I either love you, or I don’t.

The Omphalopticon

Moved by the rain
As if I were a contained rain
I must alchemize this water
Into words, what are some
Good smell words, I wonder

You are
The universe
Writing a poem to
Itself, about itself (it’s for

Moved by the fall
As if they were each
Little autumns, they must
Tell and tell, with words – with poems
All the writers (before their winters)

You are
The thunderstorm
Writing a poem now
About the rain – what else would you
Write of?

Moved by the slightest stupid
Breeze, the poets go zooming
From the beehive to write
Sonnets on the sweetness of honey
Each bee. Each sonnet.

You are
The sixth person
In Dunn county to write
About the recent tornado
The sixth

Moved by the weatherwoman
I go digging for rainy
Tankas wherever it’s been raining
Tiny haiku blooming wherever
There’s been weather

Abstract Places

“The mind is not a sandbox:
Its contents bear consequence
In the material world

(Time must be measured
in the mind for
dunes change
a brilliant map of suns)

“The life is the creation
Of the contents of one mind –
Thoughts are things in the real world

(Deep in the orange
distance: a string
of tiny camels
inching across
the grand dunes)

“One does not build sand castles
In the mind then not build them
Again on the ancient beach

(At the edge
of this alamogordo
your chain-link
fence made out
of mithril)

What God Can Do

God may laugh
& cry
at the very same time

It can learn
& forget
then remember at once

God may fly
& dive
as two people as one

And has names
& nicknames
even making some up

God can reach
& teach
the world how to punish

It can kill
& redeem
or can God not do what now

God may die
& reincarnate
as all of us over time

And has lived
& relived
your life at least twice

God may extinguish
& rekindle
all-that-can-be whenever

It is free
& determined
when It reads Its own future

And can exist
& not exist
or can God not do what now

God can be
& not be
or can God not do what now

Studies Show Beauty Show

“Studies show attractive people

Are more beautiful than people

(Who think of themselves)

(As unattractive))


“Using a scale of appreciation

(Controlling for this and that)

Confirms what we have always



“Beautiful people are (in fact)


(Whenever (and only when)

They (are) attract(ive))