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Scrying her nine million microscopes,
Mind drunk on laniakoscopy, she
Plucks with lust a loom of golden leylines
Harplike to focus the nlimnite crystal
At her one Gargantua Particle

Bestowed on the angels each, like their gnames,
The Particle: a corpuscle of God:
She enstashed that hraw monad in her mind
Working an eviternity till now
To coeurprehend its weird architecture

Crystal, keys, chi-glyphs each in syzygy –
Sophia wrings a splash of ylem from an
Ygg tree growing in her laboratory –
Crazy apples cooling on the timepane:
A wicker basket of black holes for snacks

The sounds of Yes om slow and molten from
Her intricate instruments – unichords –
For now is the wowly kairos! she sings
And tipping accidentally, her cup
Dispills its psychedelicacies. “O!”

Dripsy daisy the liquid seeps in deep
Drench-and-drowning her only particle
Oiling over those glittering leylines
With the quality of oh no. The Oo
Eximploded and Sophia with it

stupid & violent

busy, stupid quarks
infiniplicating like sea monkeys
why? why what.
shh, tilt your head and listen…
the whole universe is bellowing
very uncomfortably
loudly (because the magnificent
universe is, on the
larger scales, a bit
of a moron). fact:
nothing can escape a
black hole, not even
your bright idea, so
just, just, just
just let it go, kiddo
you’re gonna die
in that darkness
(because the glorious
universe is, on the
larger scales, mostly interested
in violence)

three puzzles

the wise man says nothing

the wise woman speaks up

the riddler tells questions

the sphinx has never heard


the sun reigns selfishly

the moon shares the universe

the cornucopia of light

is brightest at night


vulnerable minds dream

of angels wrestling at dusk

the twins telecommunicate

yawning lightyears between

standard candle

the wise man says nothing
the wise woman speaks up
the sphinx asks riddles
the riddler never recorded

the sun hogs the sky
the moon shares with the universe
the cornucopia of matter
the part views a part

the indexical daylight
the expansive moonlight
the sphinx’s cornucopia
the angel wrestles at duskfall

the twins telecommunicate
the yawning lightyears between
the satellites swivel precisely
the wisp of your phonecall somewhere near eris