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Oh, What I Would Let You Do to My Journal.

I want my words
in bed
with your rods and cones.

I’m a young gun,
but I can rhyme some sounds
and I am down to go down on
some extended metaphor.

I want you
to open wide
your eyes
and I’ll do mine
and we’ll read each other
and scream things.

I want discursivity
and your fluidity
and your phenomenology
and ontology
on top of me.

Let’s talk.

Let’s have a
about your form,
‘cause it piques me, honey bee.

Get me off
this screen.
I’d love to be
between your sheets,
wet with ink.

Let’s alliterate a lot
and let lyrics lick little
liminal spaces lightly.

Let’s write each other letters and seal them with kisses then tear off the envelopes with the hunger of younger lovers.

Let’s let go.

Berceuse (juvenilia, 2011)

Will you keep vigil, steady sentry
Guard me from wandering
Check my somnambulism?

Immobile, she will steal me
Twitching and shuddering
To Lethe, quiet, petrifying

Promise me, convince me
That you know Nyx is no
Poet-guide, no companion

Already your eyes see the far places
We will pace away this devil’s hour
Together, wary, weary

Hold fast and do not
Go to that river
Dreamer of dreams

The dark is eating our lamp
Hold my hand, sentinel
But if yours weren’t paraffin