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or redream your face

in water’s indecisive surface

fills obsidian vase

set centrally of wooden table

painted cracking white


to lick your teeth again

and tip turmoil over

and bow to blindness

tasting orange instead

either of those hot air balloons



am i ivy?

were veins of you

ever antonyms –

did we even see

each other’s hands?


gasping and dancing

sweat of forest air

beads on spider threads

melting aviaries of mercury


frozen of viridian

uncontained sky bleeds out

in stranger’s memory

Origin Story

Be screamed the Lord
What cut the dark
Its thoughts’ knots
Pottered Its esophagus a
Dumb yawning sarcophagus
(Them living tomb
Warm unseen cancers)
Infiniplite in the way
A well vomits brack-
Black waters forth or
Hot rotten birth rings
Worm these diseases
Even before designing teeth
And greed the Lord
Bored the nightness
Clawed for Its image
And tore in the walls
Of the abyss to feel
Its fingernails smart
All in that horrid gasm
Of pandolorous grief
Complete pain brought life as
If pain were older
Than God

the again

again the sense that i have lived
these fragile birdbone moments before –
this paper theater of déjà vu
has been dreamed and re-dreamed
like a play in rehearsal after
opening night has come and passed
(yet the last performance feels like
opening night) again the sense that
i have walked these dreamed-up
sidewalks of akihabara which run
parallel to the flesh-and-bone sidewalks
of akihabara, so fragile, like a paper theater
that has been dreamed and re-dreamed
in the mind of some forgetful god
who keeps creating the universe
without destroying the last one
again the sense that i have lived
these fragile ghost-bone moments before –
this tissue paper theater of déjà vu
has been dreamed and re-dreamed
in the mind of some uncareful god
who doesn’t quite erase all the lines
before re-illustrating little moments

recurring daydream

a white nightmare
forces a waking state
but even “larks and catydids”
must dream

an ambition
is branded in the fat
and failure – the water to cool

dour desires
leave imprints on my eyes
(these nooses in my irises)
still, i

build tokyo
in my mind’s eye; i try
and get the architecture right
and can’t


you were pulling
a wasp’s sting out of my back
after our fight
you were playing doctor
and i was patient

the wasp was scared
and i could feel you pulling
the hot sting out of the wasp, too
kissing the reddened skin
and saying gently, “don’t jerk”

and i could feel the release
of a thousand and one
wasp stings pulled from the frightened world
by your sad fingers
and tired eyes