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A man controlled by a devil
walks calmly throughout your empty house
and finds a fireproof safe full of nothing
but love letters, so there is no one home
when you later arrive

A glossy-plated fattail scorpion
as black as the ocean at night
stops walking across the wall by your crib
(its shadow long in the night-noon
brightness) and ambles on as you yawn

A supermassive dead star rolls
through the spacetime on a path
parallel to your planet, and if any
astronomer had known it was there
she’d have told the press not to panic

tracing arteries

spreading out each halloween
on the kitchen table, i can read
the guts of the pumpkins like a
haruspex, prodding at the signs
with my steak knife and divining
by the arrangement of the seeds
that the long-boned demon in my
bedroom will stand in its corner
for another four seasons – it is
assigned to me. reaching into
the orange gourd, there is already
a red wax candle inside. it must
have grown last year when i
prayed for help during the
holidays. the kitchen table is
sticky with the soft pulp of
future falls and not all of them
include me. carving my face
into my pumpkin idly, i wonder
why that demon never says
anything. spreading out all the
halloween candles in my mind
like the long-walled insides of
a flickering church, i light one
candle and i light them all. and i
take my lantern to my bedside