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Abstract Places

“The mind is not a sandbox:
Its contents bear consequence
In the material world

(Time must be measured
in the mind for
dunes change
a brilliant map of suns)

“The life is the creation
Of the contents of one mind –
Thoughts are things in the real world

(Deep in the orange
distance: a string
of tiny camels
inching across
the grand dunes)

“One does not build sand castles
In the mind then not build them
Again on the ancient beach

(At the edge
of this alamogordo
your chain-link
fence made out
of mithril)

the fey

the doe
startles off
to the sanctuary
of an old february

and the sorceress
unshuffles her card deck

with a soft ploink
the sun drops
into the river like a water droplet
without so much
as a sizzle

the village need never know
the shaman takes in
the sacred flower
even on thursdays

the sphinx has forgotten
the answer to its riddle
now it eats when hungry
instead of by some code

the reverberating moon
rewinds its purebeams
and sends them down
again and forever, in the fey