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kind mathematics

a bad echo
so sickening it must
be mine – tortureful reverberation

an embarrassing moment
on videotape, eternified
very nice
thank you so much

missus god almighty
just one teensy question

in heaven, like
eternalated, heavenly infinity
isn’t there a high-on-up-there
probability of repeating

am i going to live
my life again-again
under the sun

can it just be
pretty please

can for once
the math not be
so super duper

That love which cannot fail to be

In the way
Infinity contains
Infinite infinities

Or the way
My life divides
Into briefer, lived-out lives

There is a sadness
That branches behind
The green in your eyes

So if you should
Wake up on a train
On its way to Pompeii

And you think you might feel
Lonely watching window rain
Drops wobble and dissolve

But you only feel a sapling sadness:
You’re just living out
One quantum version of me

And life won’t get tough
For a couple more years
So don’t worry

When you get ivied-over
By the branching, lightless sadness
When it’s the same to look

As it is to close your eyes
The god we call Because
Will do the remembering for you

And a love older than life
Will continue because
Living did sometimes feel nice


remixing molecules
into solutions for
nonmelodic maladies

meditating on light
and rewriting programs
into hunter-gatherer modes

gathering code for ontos
and for logos and for gnosis
and for fun

hunting the living meat
of the river dweller
and giving back for thanks

my brain full of good fat
will burn like a little lamp
for all mammalkind

i share this pain with you,
and this pan with you,
and this matter, mater

to certainty