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life’s a half-crazed, wildeyed thriveling

her pupils tremble and dilate

in a dream she seems

to walk along the cornstalks

eating ryebread

she thumbs seeds

into the sand


death’s a half-sane, disconnection spanning

her non-claws don’t click,

constantly cleaving

s/he saunters along the concrete

with a smile but no plan

eats nothing and drags

life by her hair


When even the reaper’s
Too flummoxed to cut
The gaunt stalks of flax
From the hillside,

When the mice fail
To find their burrows
And the ants have become

When the geese fly east
Along the equator
And human nature is to turn
Each against the other,

I will seek you out
To ask a favor
And offer my gloves
In return

wind chimes

somber pipes moan aeolian
in the gloom of the gloaming
a chaotic elegy
octo-themed, polyform
low-pitched, rainbow cathexis
full-spectrum kingdom
in a nutshell
o great annulus
o toy nautilus
spin, sweet spinners
turn, slow seasons
glow, tired lantern
play, soft pipes
now write it down
write it all down, transcribe
the wind-sung composition
and divine the musical
signature of the vast, vast breeze